We are delighted to inform you that at Hotel Luna Mystica, all our rooms are equipped with excellent heating and insulation, ensuring a cozy and comfortable stay throughout the winter months. Your comfort is our priority, and we look forward to welcoming you to a warm and inviting experience.

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Things to do in Taos

Eat Play Love and so Much More… But first, an apology. It takes years to explore, experience, taste, appreciate all this place has to offer. Consider this a sample flight.


within a hundred yards of Hotel Luna Mystica

  • Nothing. Just be. After all, you’re here now. Waste an afternoon in one of our hammocks. Gaze at the stars. Bathe in the moonlight. Soak up some rays. Breathe. Walk the path. Take each step mindfully. Watch the solar light show and the Sangre de Cristo’s red response, as earth gently rolls back every evening. Then greet the pastel dawn, where you are cradled in a 360-degree bowl crowned by mountains. Ahhh.
  • Connect. Sit around the campfire. Listen to the stories. Everyone has one to tell. What’s yours? Get lost in the incandescent sparks swirling up to the night sky and the ever-changing embers glowing at your feet. Join your fellow wanderers, and if the spirit moves you, howl at the moon.
  • Party! There is only one Taos Mesa Brewery Mothership. And it’s just next door. Entertainment, music and dance, world-class beer, food, compadres. This is the wild fandango. Check the website for daily/nightly events: taosmesabrewing.com
  • Get married! Celebrate! Call us for details.

within 20 miles of Hotel Luna Mystica (To find it ALL, just go to taos.org)

Adventuring and Nature



Leisure and Related Activities

  • Food for foodies: Taproom (facebook.com/TMBTTR), Gutiz, Paisanos, Taos Diner, The Love Apple, Doc Martins, Orlando’s New Mexican Café, Stray Dog Cantina, Taos Cow, Lamberts
  • Shopping: Taos Drums, Wanderer in downtown Taos and Hotel Luna Mystica (wanderertaos.com), Bent Street, Arroyo Seco, Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, Twirl, Taos Herb Company
  • Spa: North Side Fitness, Auromesa (auromesa.com), Essential Massage (taosessential.com)
  • Yoga: Shree Yoga (shreeyogataos.com)



within 100 miles of Hotel Luna Mystica (Talk to us if you want to take our party bus.)