Vintage Trailer Hotel + Starlight Campground
Vintage Trailer Hotel + Starlight Campground

The Trailers

1950 Spartan Imperial Manor (Jazzy)
1950 Spartan Mansion (Rosie)
1951 Royal Spartanette (Christopher)
1951 Spartanette (Esmeralda)
1953 Vagabond (Judd)
1960 Traveleze (Dona)
1961 Yellowstone (Yogi)
1962 Airstream (Ralphie)
1963 Avion Tourist (Thelma)
1969 Aristocrat (Dennis)
54’ Spartan Imperial Mansion (Soy Capitan)


Now I walk in Beauty … Beauty is before me … Beauty is behind me … All around me and within me.

Navajo prayer


We also offer spaces for travelers with their own RVs. These are primitive spaces without hookups. But, the walk is short and the beer is cold at the Brewery! $25/day; $100/week


Be Advised

The Mesa is alive.

The coyote that yips, the snake that slithers, the tarantula that skitters, the fleet-footed jack rabbit, the lizard in stillness, all the little ones that hum and buzz and flit. The thorns and stickers that poke. Please leave them be. Give them space. They were here first.

This is a hot, dry place. Except when it is cold or wet. Be prepared. And always—hydrate. Yeah, the Mesa is flat. But don’t kid yourself. You are more than a mile high. Be aware of your altitude. Brochures are provided at the office.

Mother Nature does not suffer fools. Period. If your adventure slips into misadventure, Taos has excellent medical facilities. Info is in the office. We’re here to help. Any problem, please let us know.

This is not a place of rules; it is a place of respect. Choose to protect, observe, and befriend. Conserve water. Consider your fellow humans. Observe silence midnight to sunrise. Relax. Be at one with it all.

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