For peace of mind regarding Covid-19: Hotel Luna Mystica is currently open and accepting reservations. We have always taken great pride in the cleanliness of our trailers and understand that this is more important now than ever. To read more about what we’re doing to ensure our guests safety, click here.

Trailer: “1964 Streamline (Diego)”

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 This 1964 Streamline has travelled all over the world.  He’s seen a lot and done a lot. Having ridden life hard and fast, he’s acquired equal tales of joyous adventures and painful sorrows.   We found him alone in a field all busted up, rusted out, and ready to call it a ride.  But we could see he still had some shimmer left.  As we began to nurse him back his incoherent babbles routinely centered around two topics:  his time in New York City and the lost love of his life.  We figured we’d surprise him when he came to with all new lofty digs comprised of brick, concrete, tile and metal – everything a city boy could ask for.  Back on his axels and looking for a good time we had to call this passionate badboy Diego!  Diego comes with separate twin beds for you and your compadre.  Yeah, with our Frida looking on we figured it was best this way.   *Photos by our resident photographer, Amanda Powell. Check out her portfolio at!

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