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Trailer: “1957 Spartan Imperial Mansion (THE SANDS)”

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Meet Sandy.  Raised on the open plains of Oklahoma, she is a Midwestern girl through and through.  Due to her large stature, growing up she didn’t get to travel much and, like most Midwest beauts, she dreamed of California.  Palm Springs to be exact.  Laughing it up with the likes of Marilyn, Frank and Dean, sloshing down Mai Tais and working on her copper tan.   Like all starlets-to-be, one day she reached her end, proclaimed “I’m a big girl with long lines and its time the world gets to love me!”, left the ranch and hit the road.  With a happy heart and big dreams she crossed the country and took in all the sights, sounds and smells it had to offer.  But, while crossing New Mexico, she fell in love.  Enchanted, she made camp, and here the Spirit of Taos spoke to her.  She knew she was entrapped.  Life is about choices and sometimes it throws you an unexpected curve you never saw coming.  As a gesture of kindness the guys brought a taste of Palm Springs to this fun-loving lady.  Southern Cali meets the mountain life – maybe you can have it all!   No, she never made it to that west coast party; she simply became the party and now the world comes to her.  So come alone, come with friends, but come ready for a good time and let Sandy show you the way!  

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