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Trailer: “1967 Avion Tourist (Louise)”

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 Louise and her sister Thelma hail from the Texas Gulf – you might be surprised to find that sandy shores and salty waves were in their blood way before they ever knew of sagebrush and mountains. In her teenage years Louise had a penchant for flirting with bronzed lifeguards and sun-kissed surfer dudes, sneaking down to the beach with them after dark and getting sand in all her rivets. After years of chasing love up and down the shore, and plenty of broken hearts, her sister Thelma had a crazy idea – “Let’s retreat to the mountains. Let’s test our own strength, discover who we really are, and find a place where we truly belong!” So off they went, in search of happiness, community, and connection. They diverted from the shore into the heart of America, taking the scenic route across midwestern plains before veering west towards the Rocky Mountains. After a stint at a hippie commune in central Colorado, Thelma and Louise felt a magnetic pull further south and finally rolled up to Luna Mystica, where they instantly knew they would stay forever. Louise feels seen and free to be her fun-loving self among our diverse group of tin cans in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. Hosting girly slumber parties is her calling, and any night that she can sip rosé as the sun goes down feels like the best night of her life. Louise’s perch on the eastern corner of our mesa offers her guests a secluded feel and an uninterrupted view of the Sangre de Cristos. Plus the view of that hunk Spartacus across the site isn’t bad either 😉Photos by our resident photographer, Amanda Powell. Check out her portfolio at!

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