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Trailer: “1967 Fan Luxury Liner (Pollux)”

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A cleaning fee of $10 is added to each reservation
Otherwise known as the Gemini Twins, Castor and Pollux are well known in Greek mythology, but not a lot of people have heard how they ended up in Taos. Story has it these iconic twins once lived a life of eternal youth in the stars until Zeus, ruler of Olympia, caught Castor giving the good ole lightening rod to his daughter, Helen. Horrified and utterly ashamed by Castor’s actions, Zeus stripped him of his immortality and banned him and his brother to life on the Mesa. Now forever joined by a shared deck, these two live their days side by side gazing into the Taos Mountains. We asked and apparently the views are much better out here. Pollux, the larger of the two, comes with a queen bed, full kitchen and bathroom. Castor, the runt of the pack, offers a twin bed, kitchen and bathroom. Both are perfect for traveling couples or solo adventure seekers. If you are coming with a group, why not get both? The 50 ft. shared deck is perfect for enjoying the sunrises, sunsets, and late night conversations together with your pals. Plus, Castor and Pollux are expert stargazers and will tell you more than you’d like to know about their old friends up in the sky.

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