We are delighted to inform you that at Hotel Luna Mystica, all our rooms are equipped with excellent heating and insulation, ensuring a cozy and comfortable stay throughout the winter months. Your comfort is our priority, and we look forward to welcoming you to a warm and inviting experience.

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Trailer: “1950 Spartan Manor (Sunnie)”

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A cleaning fee of $10 is added to each reservation    
Meet Sunnie.
Defined by wanderlust and filled with adventure this old gal has seen it all. Her wild saga started in the west coast where she spent years participating in the Flower Power movement in San Francisco. She toured with Joplin, partied with the Grateful Dead and wrote poetry with Bob Dylan all with one principal code, “never say never”. As Sunnie would say, she’s not old but just becoming a classic. She now finds herself in a state of tranquility and peace on the Taos Mesa. Here she can soak in the New Mexico sun and reminisce on all the beautiful memories she gathered along the way.  Sunnie is a bright and loving trailer perfect for a traveling couple or adventurous traveler on the road. With a full-sized mattress, full bathroom and kitchenette Sunnie has everything you need to make your Taos trip a one-of-a-kind experience.

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